Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February’s Goals

Mission of the Month
Last month, I didn’t designate a post for the goal’s I wanted to accomplish, but I’m happy to say that I actually stuck with them.  This is pretty amazing for me.  The big difference this time around is trying not to get ahead of myself and just taking baby steps.  One thing at time.  So, far so good.  Here were the goals I accomplished last month.
Mission Accomplished
  • Create a Prayer Jar ~ If you don’t have one, I highly suggest making one.  It has been such a blessing to pray more specifically for the people in our lives. 
  • Track my eating ~ I started using MyFitnessPal (free online calorie counter) the second week of January and I have logged in consistently for 25 days in a row!  I’ve tried using it before, but it didn’t last as long.  I think it was because I was trying to do everything.  Baby steps, people.  Baby steps.  I’ve lost 5lbs just by counting calories!

February’s Goals

  • Daily bible reading and scripture memorization with the boy. We used to be on top of this, but have been back sliding a bit.
  • At least 2 date nights a month with the hubby…even it one is an at home date.
  • Exercise more and track on MyFitnessPal on top of calorie counting.

I probably could add a few more, but as I’ve said before…baby steps. 

Do you set monthly goals?  What do you plan to accomplish this month?


  1. Great job! I have heard of My Fitness Pal, but have never used it. I might try after I have this baby in a few weeks. :) 

  2. My friend who just had a baby is using it too.  They don't give you a "breastfeeding" option, so if you plan to do that you'll have to enter those burned calories manually.


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