Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1st Goal of the New Year- Done!

It seems every year I go back and forth on whether or not I will be setting any resolutions. I rarely stick to them, so why set myself up for failure.  Last year my goal was to read a book a month.  And read I did.  I think the reason I had success was it was doable, wasn’t extreme.  Baby steps.  So, this year one of our family goals was to pray more specifically for the people in our lives.  I wanted our family to be set up to succeed in this area and I knew just what to do.

IMG_0056Thanks to a little inspiration from a friend, whom was inspired by none other than Pinterest, we created our very own Prayer Jar on New Year’s Eve.  I made it real simple.  I grabbed one of my mason jars and some tongue depressors and our family got to work.  Later on I plan to dress it up a bit with some paint or ribbon. (Side Note: I’ve also seen a Prayer Pail on Pinterest.  And just an FYI there are a lot of cute pails in the Target $ spot this week.  I’m just saying.)

Ok, back to our Prayer Jar. Each tongue depressor has the name of family and friends we want to pray for.  Plus, we also included neighbors, our nation’s leaders, co-workers and even church leaders.


Every evening before putting the boy to bed, we pull out two sticks and we pray for those listed.  The boy loves it.  We are only 4 days into the New Year and I feel great about meeting our goal.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? How are you setting yourself up to succeed?

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