Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Story

One of my goals for this month is to get back on the bandwagon with daily devotionals and verse memorization with the boy.  I’m actually really excited about it because our church is in its year of jubilee.  And to celebrate we will be reading through the bible in chronological order, using The Story by Zondervan.

The thing I’m really excited about is our whole church family is going to be on the same page.  We never ALL do the same thing.  This means the kiddos (preschool, elementary, middle and high) will be learning about the same stuff we’re learning about in “big” church.  On top of that my husband and I will also be digging deeper into the same stories during our weekday bible classes.  I am so excited!! 

It is going to be great and I’ve already got all the tools I need right at home to work with the boy.  Here’s what we will be using:

ethan bible study
Beginning with God Series

Buck Denver asks… What’s in the Bible?
The Ultimate DVD Read and Share Bible

I’m expecting God to do some amazing things in my family this year, as we “find our place in His story by discovering the bible in a brand new way.”

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