Saturday, March 5, 2011

Zoo Fun

This week we had a lot of fun with our zoo unit.  The boy loves animals.  So, he was very excited to see the new activities for this week. 
Language Arts: Lil’man worked on beginning writing skills by tracing dotted lines.  I love how hard he is concentrating!
He also worked on finding and matching the letters that spelled different zoo animals. 
Math Concepts:  He was so excited to do another roll and graph.  It was the first thing he wanted to do out of everything we did this week. 
Other Activities: The boy got a new Tot Pack this week too.  Here are a couple shots of him doing the Size Sequencing activity and the Zoo Animal Colors book.
Since we were learning all about the zoo, we made sure to take a trip to the local zoo.   It was a great day!  The animals were quite friendly and were much closer to the gates then normal!  The Bongo below was so close you could actually touch him. 
My Favorite: Lil’man was blessed with a hat this week.  And this is how he decided to wear it. 
As he was checking out himself in the mirror, he said “Look at my cool hat.”  Special thanks to friends for giving it to him.  He absolutely loves it!
Finally, here are some of the books that we've been reading:

Make sure and visit Amber at The Belly of The Whale to see more activities in action from our unit. Also, don’t forget, you can download all the Zoo printables (not all seen here) for FREE at 2 Teaching Mommies.

I hope you’re able to come back next week and check out what we did! 

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  1. Looks like you might have a math lover on your hands!

  2. What great ideas. My little boy is 30 months old, so these activities are perfect for him. And, since the nicer weather is coming our way, I know he would just love enjoying a day at the zoo. What a fun theme!

  3. Such a cutie! We'll have to do this when the weather's warm enough for me to venture to the zoo. We had fun with some of your Dr. Suess stuff this week.

  4. I love the zoo theme! Thanks for sharing the great ideas and printables!


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