Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Fall

What a perfect title for this week because I completely fell flat on my face.  First, life has been crazy and I forgot to post about week 3 of our bible study.  Then we blew it.  We got so caught up in life that we didn’t make time for God and ending up missing a whole week. Not a great beginning, but hopefully with a little bit of tweaking we’ll get into a solid rhythm.

So, since our basic outline didn’t work for us we adjusted it. Here’s what our week looks like now:

  • Sun- Daddy introduces the new lesson.
  • Mon- Bible Story & Activity/Memory Review (coloring page)
  • Tues- Bible Story & Activity/Memory Review
  • Wed- Family Bible Night/Memory Review (craft/game)
  • Thurs- Bible Story & Activity/Memory Review
  • Fri- DVD Bible Story Affliation Link/Memory Review
  • Sat- Memory Review 

    We will still be using “a snack for the journey” while we are out and about, but I wanted to have something more consistent set up. I wanted to teach the boy the importance of getting in the word everyday. Plus, when I was more flexible I found myself not making the time to do it.  I want this to be a priority.

    Now on to...

    Lesson 3: Sneaky Snake 

    In this lesson Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit after being tempted by the snake. 

    Our memory verse was:

    Additional Resources & Activities:

  • Lots of options at Creation Preschool Printables.
  • Garden of Eden Fingerprint Craft from DLTK.
  • Adam & Eve Songs from Ministry to Children
  • Play God Says (Simon Says), also from Ministry to Children


    How do you help your little one understand the concept of sin?

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