Friday, March 11, 2011

Death by Drowning

I don’t know why the death by drowning of the human race except for 8 individuals is one of my favorite old testament stories, but it is.  I’m pretty sure my love of the story originated from the song, Rise and Shine.  I mean we all know that adding a –y to the end of words changes the negative to a positive.  Right? 

All kidding aside, Noah was some man.  He knew God.  He had faith in God. He obeyed God. What a man!

We actually studied this last week, while learning all about the zoo. It was perfect timing.

Lesson 4: Noah’s Ark 

Our memory verse was:

Here were some of the finish activities that we did:


For the above activity, I decided to cut apart the mini-book from Bible Story Printables, so that the boy could sequence the events from the story.  I liked this activity and Bible Story Printables has lots of mini-books, so I will probably be doing this again.  It was a great review.

Click to DownloadClick on the coloring page to be directed to the website I got it.

Additional Resources & Activities:

There are so many fabulous resources for this story that it was really hard for me to pick and choose what we would use.  So, below are a few links to some of my favorites.  Please note, we didn’t do all of these activities.

  • Lots of options at Creation Preschool Printables.
  • Noah’s Ark Lapbook from Lapbook Lessons.
  • Short Video: Noah’s Ark (1960) on YouTube.
  • Songs about Noah’s Ark from DLTK.
  • Noah’s Ark Printable Craft from A Kid’s Heart.
  • Do a sink or float activity. 

    What old testament story is your favorite?

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    1. Love those Beginning with God books!! :)

    2. I would have never know about them if it wasn't for you review. We love it! Thanks for introducing us.


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