Wednesday, February 9, 2011

in the Word- Adam & Eve

Last week I wrote about the new bible study we are doing with the boy. This week I thought I would briefly explain how we are using it in our home.

Here’s an basic outline of what our week looks like:

  • Tuesday introduce the new story and memory verse
  • Work on the memory verse throughout the week
  • Review bible story during the week with variety of activities
  • Thursday evenings we re-read our story and do a family activity

    Of course, sometimes our weeks are going to be hectic and that is why I really like Beginning with God.  For each lesson they offer “a snack for the journey.”  The snack is just a way to have a conversation with your preschooler about the lesson while your are out and about.   For example, in Lesson 1: The Beginning, the snack for the journey is:

    “Point out things like an animal your child likes, a pretty leaf, an interesting stone, a massive tree…and ask your child: Who made this? (God!) Yes, God made everything.”

    Now on to this week’s lesson.

    Lesson 2: Adam & Eve 

    In this lesson Adam names all the animals, but still can’t find the perfect helper for him.

    Our memory verse was “So God created mankind in his own image…male and female he created them..Genesis 1:27 (I added our memory verse to last week for easy downloading.)

    Click to Download.

    I couldn’t find very many supplemental activities that weren’t related to the “snake.” However, I was very excited when I found a coloring sheet with our actual memory verse on it.  So, we ended up coloring that sheet as well as reading a few pages from My First Study BibleAffliation Link (pgs 14-17).

    IMG_7986   IMG_7988

    Additional Resources & Activities:

  • Calvary Chapel- Coloring Page With Verse (Page 2 of PDF)
  • Kids Sunday School- Garden of Eden: What’s Missing?
  • First School- Online Coloring Page
  • Create people out of play dough using ginger bread cookie cutters
  • Pretend to be Adam and name all the animals (use child’s toy animals) 


    How do you help your children understand that we are made in God’s image?

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