Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tot School- Holiday Break

Lil’man was 23 months.
This week we are on a “stay-cation” from Tot School.  I’m hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year and I needed the time to focus on getting prepared for it.  However, I did want to share some of the things that we did last year, as well as some great printables! 
Colorful Turkey: I created this after reading about the Colorful Turkey Caddy at Family Fun. The boy loved it last year and he still loves it this year.  I used a styrofoam ball cut in half for the body and then painted it brown, but you could easily replace the styrofoam with play-dough. (Check out the full write up here.)
Turkey Hats: This was one of our favorite activities last year.  It wasn’t the making of the hat, but the acting out of the story Run, Turkey, Run!Affliation Link This was another idea from Family Fun.  (You can see the original post here and the video re-enactment below.)
IMG_3455  IMG_3458
Felt Turkey: Last year I was inspired by Itty Bitty Love's Felt Turkey activity.  I had a lot of fun creating this for the boy.  Unfortunately, he didn’t do to well with it.  We just pulled it out this week and he’s got it down.  I think I’ll need to add more feathers to my collection, so we can do patterns with it.
IMG_3491  IMG_3532
Roll & Build- Pilgrim and Indian: This is a Roll & Build with a twist.  We turned it into a dice game.  It is made for two players. My husband created  our Indian and Pilgrim with foam and magnets, but since my husband loves me, and I love you, he turned it into a printable just for you! My husband is so good.
IMG_3510  IMG_3512
Shape Pilgrim: This was our very first shape creation and he loved it.  Ever since, we’ve be trying to discover or create new things with shapes.  (Read all about it here. If you check out 2 Teaching Mommies, you can download and Shape Indian too.)
IMG_3525  IMG_3531
Books, Books, Books: We are currently still reading our library stash of books from our Turkey themed week and our Thanksgiving themed week. I recommend all of them.
Turkey Picks

Thanksgiving Picks


So there you go!  Those were all the fun Thanksgiving activities we did last year.  Don’t forget, to check out 2 Teaching Mommies for more Thanksgiving ideas, such as the Thanksgiving Tot Pack and the Gobble, Gobble Game.

Next Week (well M, T and W) we will be focusing on Football!  I hope you stop by to check it out!

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  1. Thanks for the idea about using the styrofoam for the turkey. Elle has been placing leaves in styrofoam but this looks like much more fun! Kerri

  2. Looks like you enjoyed your stay-cation. We were just plain old slackers this week for no good reason. We hardly did anything. But boy did she love that Turkey/Spelling puzzle from your turkey week. We're going to have to do more of those.

    Hopefully we'll get to all the stuff I printed next week. LOL

  3. I love the shape Pilgrim. I am off to check out the resource.

    I would love for you to link this post to Read.Explore.Learn.

  4. Honestly, I am all for a day or even week of slacking especially after busyness! I'm sure that after this holiday I will be all for doing a week of absolutely nothing!

    Glad she is liking the Spelling Puzzles. My son loves them too! We will definitely be making more!

  5. Ooo! I love when things have multiple purposes!! Makes our jobs so much easier, doesn't it?

  6. Thanks for linking up! I love your activities.


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