Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Tot- Week of May 31st

Lil’ Man is 30 months old. tot_school150
This week we enjoyed a random selection of activities……

IMG_4968 IMG_4970

The boy got soaked playing with his water table.  He also enjoyed building.  Each tower in the picture above was actually a person.  After he finished building everyone, he did some role playing with them.  It was so cute.

IMG_4942 IMG_4956

Lil’man also enjoyed playing Memory.  He has been wanting to play this game several times.  I loved how he played in one of his dress up hats.  Isn’t he a·dor·a·ble.

 IMG_4977 IMG_4983

He has been pulling out his farm house a lot too.  I love how he role plays with his toys now.  During this picture the farmer was telling the animals that it was time to get up.  He hasn’t played with his shape sorter in months, so I was surprised to see this pulled out.


This is my favorite picture from the week.  Evidently sometime after the boy was put down for his nap, he put on his pajama top.  I’m not sure if it started at his waist, but that is where it was when he got up.  The neck was so stretched out, but I love that he is trying to be a big boy!
Well, that was our week. If you would like to see what other tots have been up to this week, make sure and visit 1+1+1=1.

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  1. My little one has been into role playing lately as well. I love to see how their little minds work.


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