Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tot School

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Lil’man is 29 months tot_school150
We had a crazy week this week, running around all over the place.  We did manage to do a few of our Tot School activities. 

Lil’man enjoyed playing  a few games of memory.  (Don’t mind his pjs in a few of these pics…sometimes I am just not in hurry to get him dressed for the day.)
 IMG_4854 IMG_4856
Then he worked on some fine motor skills by placing pipe cleaners through the holes of an old (large) spice container.  After he finished he put foam beads on the matching color pipe cleaner.  We didn’t have any white beads, so I had him just put purple on the white one.  Putting the beads on wasn’t his favorite part of the activity.  Before too long, the activity turned into dancing with pipe cleaners.  Wish I would have caught that on camera! (I have seen variations of this activity on several blogs.)
IMG_4837 IMG_4842
On our second day of Tot School we played Hi Ho Cherry Os by our own rules. This is a great game for fine motor skills because the cherries are small and close together on the trees.   Plus who wouldn’t want to spin the spinner!
We also did some puzzles.  Well, actually he did all his puzzles.  He pulled out every single one.  If you look closely at the background in the pictures below you will see the pieces all over the floor. 
IMG_4845 IMG_4848  
And I will leave you with few of my favorite shots from this week.
IMG_4806 IMG_4800
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  1. Well I wouldnt have known your son was in his jammies-they are such cute pjs! I think I need to add Hi-Ho Cherry-O to our collection. Looks like a fun week!

  2. I also wouldn't have known he was in his pjs. I haven't seen Hi Ho Cherry O for so long, I had forgotten all about it. Something I will have to keep my eyes open for. My daughters love the pipe cleaner activity, though Amelia isn't quite into putting the beads on. She would rather shove the pipe cleaners in as far as she can, bending them all out of shape. I actually changed back to the toothpicks a while ago. Maybe I should get the pipe cleaners out again so they can put the beads on again. Is that a frog outfit? So adorable. Great week!

  3. We have hi ho cherryo. It is a bit repetative for the adult playing, but my daughter loves it!

  4. We often do tot school in pj's! When did you pull out hi ho cherry oh for your Little Man? I picked it up a few weeks ago, but haven't pulled it out for Sophie yet!

  5. Great Week. I love the costume picture. How do you copyright your pictures like that?

  6. It's actually a hooded frog towel I got as a baby shower gift. We are finally get use out of it. Lil'man loves it.

  7. Goodness, I don't remember when we pulled it out for the first time. I know we bought it around Christmas. We very rarely play by the rules, but he does practice placing the cherries on the trees and then taking them off. I would say the first time we played he was 25 months...under supervision of course! =)

  8. I use a program called Windows Live Writer to do all my blog posts. It has a setting in it that allows me to import pictures and leave a watermark on them. I would highly recommend this program if you have windows! I love it. It makes tot school post and all other post so much easier. You can check it out at

  9. Looks like he had lots of fun!! Our puzzles are often all over the ground. LOL

  10. love the Hi-Ho Cherry-o game idea! I have it collecting dust on my shelf here, figuring that my little guy wasn't old enough to enjoy it yet! :)

  11. Sometimes, simple weeks are good. We also did a TON of puzzles last week. We spent over an hour doing puzzles one morning - just nice, relaxing fun for Mama & Alex!

    Hi-Ho Cherry-O was one of my favorite games when I was little. I hadn't even thought about that for Alex yet - good to know it's an option for sometime soon! :)

  12. I started using it, thanks to you, and I LOVE IT! It has made blogging with lots of pictures SO much easier. GREAT program - thanks for blogging about it a while back!

  13. We do enjoy it, just not exactly the way it was attended. =) We use it a lot for counting and just transferring the cherries from trees to buckets. Plus it is a little workout for their little fingers...or you can add a tweezer to the activity for more of a challenge. Of course, all of this is under supervision...but I don't have to tell other mommies that!


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