Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All About Me

I know that I don’t go into a lot of details about my life on this blog…you know the deep stuff.  There are lots of reason…fear of identify theft, crazy stockers, you know who wouldn’t want to be me or want me.  Just kiddin’  And then I’m not.  You see, my identity was taken from me, but it wasn’t stolen it was replaced.  Then I did have a stocker, but he wasn’t hiding from me, I was running from him.  His name was Jesus.  I could go into a lot more details about how I could refer to Him in those terms, but I am going to save those stories for another day.  This video pretty much sums up my life in 4 minutes, so I thought I would share it. So, you could get to know me a little better.

This animation is built on 1 John 3:1, and a song by Sovereign Grace Music entitled Prodigal (http://www.sovereigngracemusic.org/).


  1. Wow, thank you so much for sharing this video!
    The song pretty much sums up my life as well.. I was constantly running from the Truth, but finally found it 2 years ago :)

  2. I am glad someone else can relate to this video!

  3. ahhh, I love that song Madonna! Thanks so much for posting about it when so many would feel insecure or ashamed to talk about their journey of faith. Love you.


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