Monday, April 5, 2010

Tot School- Easter Theme

Lil’man is 27 months.tot_school150
Here are some fun things we have been up to lately.

Lil’man had a play date with one of his friends, who we haven’t see since this summer.  We spent the morning at a children's museum.  Lil'man really enjoyed the water table and dinosaurs.  We can’t wait to hang out with them again and are really excited to see them more this summer!
IMG_4630 IMG_4626
We also did a whole bunch of activities with our plastic eggs.  First he open each one to find either a pom pom or a foam bead.  He used the bowls to sort them.
The he sorted each bowl.  He sorted out the foam beads based on their shape and he sorted out the pom poms according to size.  Since we haven’t done much with size I did the first set for him and then he matched the others to mine.
Finally he put the shapes and pom poms back into the corresponding color plastic eggs.  He did a good job opening the eggs, but closing them was a little more challenging.  Of course, I figured that it  might be hard because I remember it being hard when I was a kid.  He really did enjoy doing this activity though and got the eggs out several times.
We also dyed eggs.  This was the first year that Lil’man was actually able to do it himself.  To help him be more successful and to protect the eggs from cracking, a friend of my suggested we use the wire whisk trick.  She saw the idea in Family Fun Magazine.  It work like a charm, I just wish we had more than one.
Finally, we shared the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus using Resurrection Eggs.  When he open the last egg he said, “Its empty.”  We told him why it was empty and then he decided to play with the donkey and shout, “Hosanna.”   One day he will understand the story a little bit better, but I am glad we have a physical illustration that he can touch and make small connections with now.
IMG_4711 IMG_4713
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On another note:  I need some potty training tips & advice.  If you have some will you please share it with me on Facebook.   Thanks.


  1. What a great week! I love the whisk idea ~ and Family Fun Magazine!

  2. Your little man is so lucky to have such a wonderful mom that spends such quality time with him!!

  3. I really like how you used the eggs to sort into two different groups. We may have to do that with our not-yet-put-away Easter Eggs!

  4. I love the egg sorting, and the whisk idea is fantastic! What a great week.

  5. Love the idea to fill the eggs with things to sort! I may be able to get my little one to actually sort if we do that! I didn't hear about the whisk idea until after we had dyed eggs, but we are SO doing that next year!

  6. Oh, we are in the throws of potty training now....good luck!
    Sophie kept saying at church on Sunday, "The Tomb is Empty" and "Jesus is Alive". It is so sweet to hear what the little ones take away from lessons and bible stories.


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