Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Check Out Groupon

I was recently introduced to Groupon by a friend.  It is a great site that offers a deal a day, to make it easier for people to enjoy the great things in their community.  Check out the video below to learn more about it.

Doesn’t it sound wonderful.  I purchased my first groupon  yesterday to a local restaurant.  The nice thing about Groupon  is you can save money on more than just restaurants. For example, today in my city I can purchase an hour Swedish massage at 50% off the regular price! Wouldn't that make a great mother's day gift.  (Hint, hint honey!)

Are you already familiar with this website? What have you purchased, if anything and would you also recommend them?


  1. I haven't purchased yet using Groupon, although I've recently become familiar with their site. Looks good to me...and I think in the future it will be advantageous for us. Thanks for this post!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Groupons! I check them every day. So far I've bought a mani-pedi (which turned out to be terrible, but I paid less than half the price for it, so I don't mind) and a car wash, which I haven't used yet. I also check the Groupon for Cincinnati every day since that's where my family lives and I let my Mom know if anything exciting comes up. They have it in just about every major city in the US.

  3. I am so glad you have a positive review of Groupon. It make me feel better about buying things from them when I hear feedback from reliable sources.

  4. I use Groupon. I've kept up with Louisville, Nashville (it's nice to have savings and ideas for weekend trips), and Minneapolis. They've all had good and not-so-good savings. I've been happy so far.


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