Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tot School- Week of Mar 1

Lil'man is 27 months
Tot School
This week in Tot School we celebrated Read Across America and Dr. Seuss’s birthday by reading a lot of  Dr. Seuss books.  Two of the boy’s favorites were Dr. Seuss ABCs and I Wish I Had Duck Feet.

Besides reading he also practiced pouring (and making a mess) with his bingo chips.
IMG_4412 IMG_4407
We played a game called I Can Do That!  We didn’t play by the rules because Lil’man was still a little young for it.  He did enjoy doing the silly tasks and especially playing with the props.
IMG_4422 IMG_4419
He got dressed up as a cowboy and galloped in place on his rockin’ giraffe.
I am not sure where he got this idea, but recently he has been lining up his Learning Zoo animals on the console table. I think he is putting on a Zoo parade.
IMG_4441 IMG_4440
Finally, this week we did a stART activity.  He had fun creating a Dr. Seuss hat with finger paint. 
If you would like to see what others have been doing in Tot School, check out Carisa’s blog- 1+1+1=1.


  1. He looks so cute as a cowboy!

  2. Great idea, taping off the white spaces. I love your little cowboy on his giraffe. Too cute!

  3. I am loving his Cowboy face!

  4. What a fun week! I love the dr. sues hat!

  5. lilman is such a cutie! i love the dr seuss hat! awesome!!!

    potty training I feared would be a nightmare. for us, we waited until Nathan showed interest and bought a potty. i offered every night before bath and never pushed. if he peed, he got a huge victory dance! a few months later (just a few weeks ago) he declared he was wearing big boy underwear and we haven't looked back. it's totally by the grace of God! :) with a little help from jelly beans!

  6. Looks great. How old is your son?

  7. Love the Dr Suess hat and the pouring with the bingo chips.


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