Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Saturday morning started off just like any other Saturday, with the exception that I wasn’t feeling to hot.  So, I stayed in bed all morning and into part of the afternoon.  While I rested, my husband entertained our son and accomplished some things around the house.  But, it wasn’t too long into the morning when our normal Saturday turned into something a little more stressful.

“Do you smell something burning?” my husband asked as he paced around the house sniffing, trying to find out where the smell was coming from.

“No,” I said as my heart began to pound.  I  jumped out of my cozy rest and threw clothes on.  Then all of a sudden it hit me.  The fumes of heat, not the ones you want to smell, began to take over the kitchen and our bedroom.  It was coming in through the venting system.   Then the worry sank in…what could be burning? What do we do?

We quickly shut the heat off to see if that would eliminate the problem, but I was fearful that there was a fire burning somewhere in our vents.   Then my fear turned to dread as the thought of having to call the fire department crossed my mind.  “Honey, pick up the clothes on the floor,” I shouted.  I couldn’t have the firemen tramping around my house with dirty laundry on the floor. 

Fortunately, there was no flame and shutting off the heat solve the problem at the moment.  This discovery lead us to believe that our heater was busted.  We called a close friend of ours, who just happens to know how to fix heaters & air conditioners.  We were shocked by his quick generosity, shortly after our phone conversation he headed out to our house to find the source of the problem.  He spent a few hours narrowing it down, until he discovered that we needed to replace the blower.  Unfortunately, we would have to wait until Monday to actually get the replacement part because the stores were closed.  Last night, he returned after work and installed it for us. 

Today I am very grateful for such a caring friend, especially as another 6-8 inches of snow is starting to fall. He saved us money and brought the heat back to our house.  So, thanks John.  We truly appreciate your kindness.

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  1. Friends like that are a true blessing, indeed. Glad it wasn't anything worse.


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