Friday, February 5, 2010

Keeping Track of Favorite Books

Every month I check out 12-20 books from the library.  So, far the majority of the time they have been related to specific shelfarithemes we are doing or holidays that are taking place that month.  If possible, I renew the books for the whole month.  I then add the books that we are reading to my Shelfari account. (It is a free site that lets you share book ratings and reviews with friends.) I use this online database to help me remember what books we have read and which ones we have loved.   My favorite features of this site are the online bookshelf, the ability to rate the books we are reading and tagging the books for easy sorting.  Then next year, when we want to check out books based on specific themes or around the holidays, all I will have to do it go to Shelfari to see which ones we loved.

Besides using Shelfari, each week I am going to start posting my son’s favorite book of the week.  You know the book that he wants me to read over and over again, until I have it memorized.  I mean we all know that out of the 20 books that  I check out every month only a few get looked at twice, even though I may love them.   So starting soon, I am going to be posting my son’s  #1 pick of the week.  I will share with you the things he loved about the book.  My hope is that others will also want to join in and share their Tots Pick of the Week. 

Either way, I want to know more about the books you are reading. If you are on Shelfari I would love to connect with you or if not I hope to read more posts about the books your “child recommends.”

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