Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Morning Girls

I am so thankful for my Good Morning Girls group.  It is a group of women who use email to keep each other accountable for their quiet times.  Good Morning Girls was created by Courtney from Women Living Well.  To learn more about it or to start a group of your own, check out Courtney's blog.

We started our group last fall and most of us committed to doing it again during the winter.  We actually just started on Monday.  It is so nice to be back into this rhythm.  I learn so much from them as they share what they have learned.  It is even more amazing on days like today, when we all seem to have learned the same thing, but in different ways.  If it wasn't for these ladies holding me accountable I know I wouldn't be getting my quiet time with the Lord on a daily basis.  So, I am truly thankful for them and their encouragement.  I thank God that He place us in each others lives.

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