Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tot School- Wk of Oct 19th

Lil'man is 22 months
Tot School
Unfortunately, Lil'man got sick at the end of this week, so we didn't accomplish much.  We read lots of books (you can see all the books were are reading in the right sidebar) and cuddled up to watch more TV than normal.  However, one thing that we did that he loved was beading.  I had purchased him a big assortment of foam shape beads at Walmart.  When I first pulled them out he tried using a pipe cleaner, but the holes were a little small and the pipe cleaner would start to bend as he tried to push it on.  So, to solve this problem I gave him a wooden meat skewer.  (Of course that was after I filed down the point with a nail file.)  I wrapped a small piece of a pipe cleaner on the end to prevent any of the beads from sliding off.

He preferred to use the poking approach to get them on the skewer and then he would slide them up. This worked perfectly and had him beading for what seem like hours for several days this week.

Besides beading Lil'man also enjoyed walking around in my shoes and shaking his newly made bone rattle as I read Shake dem Halloween Bones.  Here are a few more pictures from the beginning of this week.

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  1. It looks like he had fun with the beads. That was a good idea to put them on a meat skewer.


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