Thursday, October 22, 2009

stART- Shake dem Halloween Bones

This is my favorite book out of the 13 plus books we check out from the library this month.  It is a must read!  I highly recommend it.  This story done in a rhythmic pattern is about a Halloween dance.  The people at the dance have dressed up as well know fairy tale characters.  It will definitely have your child shaking their bones.  They will also love the bright, bold pictures.

To help my son get into this book a little bit more I created a bone rattle.  He helped me out a little, but this activity would probably be better for an older child.

First you will need to gather your materials: a black crayon, one sheet of white construction paper, rice, a toilet paper roll, two juice tops (I used Juicy Juice lids), hot glue gun and a few hot glue sticks.

Step 1: Once you've gather your materials have your child color the white construction paper with a black crayon to add dimension.

Step 2: While your child is doing this add glue to the inside of one of your juice caps.

Step 3: Place your juice top on one end of your toilet paper roll .  It won't fit perfectly, but just squeeze it in there.

Step 4: Once the glue has cooled, add rice.  I used about 2 tbsp.

Step 5: Now repeat steps 2 & 3. Of course this time adding the lid to the top of the now standing toilet paper roll.  (I added glue around the edges just in case to prevent any rice from finding its way out.

Step 6: Once your child has finished coloring, fold the white sheet in half (like a hamburger, as we said in the classroom) and draw a bone on it.

Step 7: Cut out the bone with the paper still folded in half.  You should end up with two bones.

Step 8: Glue bones onto toilet paper roll rattle.  (If I was thinking ahead, I would have laminated the bones before gluing them on or if you have card stock it might be a better option for durability.)

Step 9: Read the story again and shake dem bones!

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  1. So cute and easy. Thanks for the idea.
    Have an awesome one!

  2. We love this book too. Love how it incorporates fairy tale figures and it is a hoppin' read-a-loud! That is a pretty fun bone!

  3. Very cute idea! We will have to check out that book!

  4. Cute idea! I have never heard of this book - perhaps we will read it next year :)

  5. I love this what a great idea. Thank you for linking up :0)


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