Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Ornaments 2011


I was going to participate in Jolanthe’s Christmas Ornament Show & Tell last year, but I just never got around to it.  But this year, I’m not going to miss out.

Plus, this post will actually be a two in one!  If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted in a while, well you are about to find out.

You see we’ve added a couple new ornaments to our tree this year and they will be packed full of memories every time we pull them out.   Can you guess where we’ve been?

IMG_9843   IMG_9857 edited

Yep.  We recently returned from our family vacation at Walt Disney World! The ornament with Goofy was a gift to Lil’man from my mom to help him remember this special trip. The other ornament we picked up as our souvenir. The boy was the perfect age to enjoy most of the rides and still have the excitement of seeing all the characters. We had a blast!  I’ll be posting about our week long trip soon.

Since I am sharing Walt Disney World ornaments, I thought I would also share one more.


This one was another souvenir we picked up.  My husband and I honeymooned in Florida and one of the days we drove to the Magic Kingdom.  The hubs had never been there before, so I was so excited to show him around.  Of course, I’ve never been to Disney World, but being a Californian native I was very familiar with Disneyland.  And the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland are pretty similar.

I love pulling out these ornaments and reminiscing on trips and all the memories that come with them.

Thanks Jolanthe for hosting the link up!


  1. We have a special Disney ornament too...butyours is way cuter!

  2. Love the Disney ornaments! Where in CA are you from? My husband and I were both living in the South Bay when we met but live in AZ now. stopping by from teh ornament show and tell. hope you will stop by. Newest follower here. Happy Christmas!

  3. I cannot believe I never knew you went to Disney on your honeymoon!  How cute!

  4. Yep.  We just went there one day.  We spent the rest of the time on the beach.  It was definitely worth the drive.

  5. I grew up in Southern CA.  Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Thanks.  I love pulling them out.


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