Friday, November 25, 2011

Why Do We Call it Christmas?

christmas-coverI recently received Buck Denver asks…Why Do We Call It Christmas? DVD from What's in the Bible? to do a honest review. 

About the DVD

With humor and tact Buck Denver and his puppet pals cover everything from cutting down trees, hanging stockings, Santa Claus and what these have to do with Jesus' birthday.

Run Time: approx. 60 minutes

You can purchase it for $12.99 (normally $14.99). However, right now they are having a huge deal. You can get  Volumes 1-5 of Buck Denver Asks...What's in the Bible? plus the Christmas special for just $37.95 plus shipping & processing. (That's nearly 50% off regular prices.)

Here’s a little promo for it.

(In a reader? Don't miss out on the video, head over to the post.)

Ok, now what you all have been waiting for…here are my thoughts about Why Do We Call It Christmas?


  • Funny – The silly characters appeal to most every child. The silly things the characters say appeal to the child within the parents. This is a children’s DVD that even the parents can enjoy.
  • Informative – I wasn’t even aware of the origins of some of our most cherished Christmas traditions. It was fascinating to hear the story behind Christmas as we know it.
  • Focused – While much ground is covered in the 50+ minute video the host, Phil Vischer, wraps it all up by saying that many of the traditions we hold dear point back to Jesus. They may seem silly when you think about it (hanging socks on a fireplace, putting a giant tree in your living room, etc.) but in some way each tradition tells a part of the Christmas story.


  • Maybe more songs– I don’t think my 4 year old son enjoyed this Buck Denver video as much as What’s in the Bible?: Part 1. It didn’t seem to have as many songs, which is what appeals to him the most. 

In the end I recommend this DVD for every family. It will balance out your Christmas DVD collection by doing an excellent job of putting the focus back on Jesus.

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