Monday, September 5, 2011

God Gave Us You {Review}

God Gave Us You, Affliation Link is another simple story, by Lisa Tawn Bergren and illustrator Laura J. Bryant, featuring the polar bear family seeking to answer some of life's biggest questions. I'm reviewing the board book version released just this year.

god gave us you

This storyline is a familiar one. Mom's everywhere can relate to each point in the story. Follow the polar bear parents to be as they visit the doctor and listen to their baby bear's heartbeat. Watch mama bear as she adjusts to her ever growing belly. Then reminisce as mama bear recalls the first time she held her new baby. The plot points are the same for nearly every new mother.


As always the watercolor illustrations in this book vary from full-page to inset. They are colorful and detailed. Amazingly Bryant is able to make the bears faces so expressive while keeping them realistic.


Engaging, Interactive, Inspiring?
What child hasn't asked where they came from? In that regard this book is very engaging. I think it will also provide another opportunity to tell your child about their birth story (not that you need one). Your child may have not realized how much love they received before they were even born until you share this story with them.


Final Thoughts
If you're a fan of Bergren and Bryant's work you won't be disappointed with this book. They have stayed true to their style and delivered another pleasing story. This story lends itself to the board book format and I appreciated that fact. I think you'll like God Gave Us You.

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