Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Crazy Life- Celebrations

Goodness, it has been a few months since I last wrote about the craziness that was taking place in my life last April & May.  The craziness that was keeping me from blog updates.  And even though my life hasn’t been as crazy, that spring season has really left me speechless.  Not knowing how to write the thoughts and emotions that at the time were running through me.  But, I want to finish it.  So, where did I leave off…

Ahh yes…

It was the first week of May, and not only would I be celebrating my birthday and mother’s day, but my best friend from childhood was getting married!  IMG_8516

It was so exciting to be able to be apart of this celebration.  I just love this girl. We’ve been friends since we were 2!  And although we’ve had our ups and downs, as in any relationship, I am so glad that God has given me this lifetime friendship.

Since my friend and I don’t live in the same state any more, we had to travel a ways to go see her.  Fortunately, she lives close to some of my extended relatives, so my mom joined us as we headed out there. (Plus, my mom was going to be watching the boy, as my husband and I were tied up with the wedding.)

While, my husband and I attended rehearsals, my boy got to have a mini vacation.  He hung out with my mom, my aunt and my aunt’s son at the hotel.  They went swimming, played games and even watched a movie.

IMG_2542  IMG_2547 

Then the next day before the wedding, they hit up a few touristic locations.  But they didn’t stop there, in between the wedding and the reception they headed to the Jelly Belly Candy Store.  You can imagine how much fun that would be for a little kid.  He ended up coming home with his own bag, plus a bag of peas and carrots (jelly bean style).

IMG_2569  IMG_2567

I think the best treat of the whole weekend though was when my husband, who is the best guy a girl could wish for, helped the two boys surprise us mothers with homemade cards.  Isn’t he so thoughtful?

IMG_2584  IMG_2586

We ended our mini break spending time with my extended relatives.  And yes, that is my son getting pulled by his second cousin on an electric wheel chair.  Fun times.

 IMG_2594  IMG_2601

Little did I know, God was about to teach me a lesson.

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