Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tiny Talk- Spreckles

We are big fans of Starfall and subscribe to More Starfall.  The other day the boy was playing the Who Am I? activity located in the More Starfall member section.

Spreckles Cropped

He started to laugh and said, “Look I have spreckles!  That’s silly.”

Spreckles Close Up

I think he was combining the words sprinkles and freckles together.  I think I like his word better.

I’m linking up to: Tiny Talk Tuesday.


  1. that is so cute! i like the word spreckles better. if you try using it at least once a day in conversation with someone it will catch on :0)

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  2. Cute! I might have to call my freckles, spreckles from now on! :-)

  3. Good to know. Wouldn't it be fun if it caught on!

  4. Love that!  Great new word!


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