Thursday, June 30, 2011

Come A Long Way

We’ve never expected something so small to get so big.


Due to the wacky weather we couldn’t even plant our garden until the middle of May.  We had to start our tomato plants in pots.  Now look at them.  Hopefully, the heat this past week will help them to start turning red.

IMG_8483 IMG_8807

Not sure if they would pull through.

Now, the biggest plant is even taller then in this picture.  It is about 5’9”.

We were worried about the lack of growth in our pepper plants.  It took them forever to show any change. 

IMG_8558 IMG_8805

Once we got rid of the aphids they seemed to really take off.

We just picked our first pepper this weekend!

We had high hopes for our squash and zucchini plants.  They’ve lived up to it and more, even with their lack of space.  Due to all the rain this year we did loose a few due to flower rot(?), but it sure hasn’t slowed down their production!

IMG_8555 IMG_8808

Who would think that these little plants could get so big.

We’re enjoying eating the harvest.

Our pickling cucumbers continue to produce even though the tomato plants have taken over their section.

IMG_8555 IMG_8773

Love how it shoots out little vines that wrap around whatever it can grab.

We haven’t pickled any yet.  Do you have a recipe I should try?

Our garden sure has come a long way. 


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  1. Wow, I loved the before and after pictures!

  2. I did this with my kids this year too. I wrote about it here: I think your garden was much more successful than ours was! We did not have any major food like you do already. I guess the year isn't over yet!


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