Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When God Created My Toes (Review)

WhenGodCreatedMyToesAuthor Dandi Daley Mackall and illustrator David Hohn have teamed up once again to create a children's book featuring an inquisitive little girl. When God Created My Toes Affliation Link follows the mischievous girl as she goes about a busy day with her parents. She makes a mess of the back yard, wobbles around in roller skates and even makes time for tea and dress up.


The little girl asks questions about what God knew when he made her different body parts. She wants to know "When God created my knees, Did he put bones in 'em? Did he know I'd skin 'em? Did we sing our ABCs when God created my knees?" With each page we find her getting into some trouble, goofing off with her parents, or just being a kid.


Hohn's illustrations, as always, are superb with realistic perspectives and engaging expressions. On one page he shows the little girl doing a flip off her father's chest. The next page you're put in place of the living room wall where she is diligently finger painting a masterpiece. Big bathtub bubbles and blow dried hair are some of the examples of Hohn's mastery of the realistic.


Engaging, Interactive, Inspiring?
Most any child will relate with the mischief and play the main character engages in. Once again Mackall uses questions to drive the book forward. It's not a story book, but it does follow a consistent theme that I think most kids will find engaging. Our son hasn't gravitated to this book as much as others, but he did seem to enjoy it.


Final Thoughts
When God Created My Toes Affliation Link is a nice book. It's not as good as others I've seen from this pair, but still a keeper. As always Mackall begins with scripture and celebrates the work of the Creator throughout. I don't rate this one as high as others, but still worth a look.


My Rating
mini applemini applemini applemini apple/5

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