Monday, May 23, 2011

My Crazy Life- A Visit from Meme

The craziness in my life, didn’t start off as crazy, but just busyness.   We were so excited to have my mom in town for a little over two weeks.  She arrived late Thursday evening, the day before Good Friday.  We hadn’t seen my mom for a couple of years and the last time was at her brother’s funeral.  So, you can imagine how excited we were to have her in town.


Here is what happened the first weekend of her visit.

Dying Easter Eggs- On Good Friday afternoon we had a Easter Egg dying fest!  We went with the traditional egg dye, however my sister’s kids wanted to tie-dye their eggs.  The tie-dying method was a little more involved and my sister ended up being the one doing all the tie-dying.  Her fingers were pretty stained at the end of it.  I don’t know if we will be going that route again next year.

IMG_2278  IMG_2285

Easter Sunday and Service- We actually went to Easter Service Saturday evening to make more room for visitors to our church on Sunday.  Every year we try to pose for an Easter picture, if not all of us then the boy for sure.  I just can’t believe that my baby boy looks so big.

IMG_8394  IMG_8408

Easter morning the boy woke up to a trail of plastic eggs.  It was so cute because he didn’t realize the night before that when he woke up it was going to be Easter.  When he saw the egg trail he said, “Daddy did you make a surprise for me?”  He probably would have been satisfied with just the eggs, but then he found his basket.  When we came out to the living room we found him looking at his new book, he could have cared less about what was in his actually basket.  We then had our traditional Easter breakfast…resurrection rolls. 

IMG_8419  IMG_8425

After breakfast we headed to my sister’s for Easter lunch and egg hunts.  Unfortunately, the weather was terrible the whole time my mom was in town.  It rained most of the time, including Easter Sunday.  We had to settle for an indoor egg hunt.  The kids still managed to have a lot of fun.

IMG_8426  IMG_8429

IMG_8431  IMG_8447

And of course, we had to finish off the afternoon with dress up.  Evidently it was bring your kid to work day.

IMG_8453  IMG_2363

Stay tuned to for more of My Crazy Life.

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