Monday, November 1, 2010

Must Read- Tell Your Time

TYT_300_250I first heard about Tell Your TimeAffliation Link by Amy Andrews as I watched a live video stream from Relevant ‘10. The keynote speaker, Crystal from Money Saving Mom, was raving how Amy’s method of budgeting time had been so beneficial to her. Unfortunately, the streaming quality wasn’t great that night, so I only got pieces of her talk, but it was enough.  I waited with anticipation for her to share more about budgeting her time on her blog. 

When she finally posted a link to where I could purchased this e-book, I brought it immediately.  I even read the whole thing that night, after I put my son to bed.  It is a very quick read.

Not only, does her book help manage your time, but it helps you set goals.  Something that I have been working on and discussing with my husband as of late.  In her book, Amy provides a step by step approach to setting goals and fitting those goals into a “time budget.”  

This book really help me evaluate what I am doing with my time and to make sure I was putting the things that are most important in my life first.   It was eye opening, and I know with a little discipline and patience I can attain my goals.

I highly recommend this book.  To learn more visit Link

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