Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Works for Me- Grout Stain Remover

So, I don’t know about you but I have hated my shower for months!  No matter how often we cleaned it, how much elbow grease I could muster with a little toothbrush,  what product or method we used…nothing would get rid of those nasty mold stains.  [clenching teeth, shaking fist and groaning deep within gut]

Until I met this little guy…

I am in LOVE! [eyes lash flutter]  

This little gem has conquered the task for me, and with little to no help from this little damsel in distress.  All I have to do is apply it and walk away.  [deep sigh of relief] One application left on a for a few hours and I was left with a bathtub that I don’t have to hide behind the shower curtain!

Now mind you I have used bleach before to go after those ugly stains, but for some reason this gel pen seems to do the trick.  And there is no need to gasp for air while applying!    Yep that’s right, it doesn't have as strong of an odor as bleach and water mix!  Win. Win.

On top of cleaning grout, I discover that my new best friend makes a great addition to the mommy’s art supplies.  Check out this tutorial.

So, that’s what works for me. 

See what works for others at:

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