Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Savings- Sobe Lifewater

So, readers of mine…how many of you coupon?  I recently dove into this money saving skill, job rush!  It is amazing how giddy I get when I score something for a few cents or even better for FREE!  Even though it is fun to save a buck, it is still a lot of work for me and takes a lot of time.  So, to help keep me motivated I thought I would share my best savings of the week. (Plus, it will give me a visual record of why I am doing it…to save some money!) If any of you are into coupons as much as me I would love to see what you got…just share a link to your post in the comments.  

Here is my big savings this week:

How I did it:
Bought: (18) Sobe Lifewater $1.59 ea ($28.62)
Sale at CVS for BOGO ($14.31)
(9) BOGO manufacture coupons (-$14.31)
Total Due (just the tax): $0.71 ($0.04 each!)

How did you do?

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