Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun Reads- Cowboy Camp Books

When searching for camp books at the beginning of June, I came across quite a few Cowboy Camp books.  I decided to pick a few up because they sounded cute and I am glad that I did.  Here are couple of the boy’s favorites!

Buy on Amazon. Cowboy CampAffliation Link is a fun story about a boy who is sent to a camp to learn how to be a real cowboy.  Unfortunately, he runs into a few issues.  You see, he can’t be a real cowboy when he is allergic to horses and beans, he cant twirl a lasso, and his name is all wrong.  In the end though, he proves he has what it takes to be a real cowboy, even if he has to ride a cow instead of a horse.  This is definitely a fun read, so if you get a chance pick up a copy at your local library.

Buy on Amazon.Buster Goes to Cowboy CampAffliation Linkis a fun story about a dog that is dropped off at a “kennel” of sorts because his owner has to go out of town.  Of course, just like many camp books, this pooch ain’t happy.  He rather be at home.  But it doesn’t take him long to start enjoying the fun activities, such as paw paintings, herding balls into pens, playing "buckaroo ball," gathering sticks for the campfire, and singing along as Red Boots strums his guitar.  This was one of the boy’s favorites because he is a BIG dog fan.  Evidently there are more Buster books, so I will have to look into finding more books with this lovable character.  

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  1. Both of these books look like they would be fun to read. I love that the boy was allergic to horses and beans! What a hoot! I can just imagine what our dog would do if we ever left her at a kennel. I doubt she would have as much fun as Buster. I'm adding these to my list!

  2. Thanks for joining WMCIR! I think the second one might go over well here, but daughter would probably be very surprised that this Buster is not a bunny like in Marc Brown's books.


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