Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daybook- A look into my day

I was inspired to participate in this weekly linky by Kara at Rockin’ Granola.   

Outside my window...(smudged finger printed window) I see the leaves are rustling in the hot wind. If it were cooler, I would let the breeze in because I love to hear its whispers.

I am thinking...I should wash the window, but why bother in a few short hours when Lil’man wakes up he will press his nose and fingers to the window as he watches for his Daddy to come home from work.

I am thankful for...many things, but here are a few at the forefront:

  • going fishing on Father’s Day with my two boys
  • a husband that can come home at a moments notice
  • a friend who called because she heard I wasn’t feeling well
  • a quick recovery from what ever bug I had
  • a son that puts up with all his mama’s

From the learning rooms...we are taking a break and enjoying the slowness of summer. Although, Lil’man did enjoy learning all about fishing this past weekend.    

IMAG0051 093330  
From the kitchen...Not food related, but when I was sick my husband cleaned the whole kitchen for me. He is such a good man!

I am wearing... a sea foam empire waist top that brings out my eyes, but makes me look pregnant and some cotton navy knee length shorts. It is all about comfort today.

I am creating...printables for our first unit for Tot School next “school year.” I think they’ve turned out cute and hope the boy enjoys them.

I am going...crazy over trying to find a blog post I stumbled upon that had a great felt template. I thought I saved it or bookmarked it, but I didn’t. I am so ANNOYED with myself.

I am reading...Winning By Losing by Jillian Michaels.Affliation Link I had to know what all the hype was about her and the 30 Day ShedAffliation Link program. It seems to be all the rage.

I am hoping...I re-stumble upon that blog post!

I am hearing...the air conditioner working hard to keep my house cool with these crazy hot days.

Around the house...their are toys scattered everywhere, dishes that need to be put away and stillness.

One of my favorite things...is naptime, where I get to enjoy some me time. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:

  • hopefully get to the splash park if the weather cooperates
  • hanging out with the niece and nephews
  • visiting with my workout buddy
  • celebrating my wedding anniversary
  • switching out the living room decor for the summer season

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing…Self Portrait 


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  1. Beautiful fishing photos ;) They seem to capture that quietness...


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