Monday, December 14, 2009

Tot School- Week of Dec 7th

Lil'man is 24 months
Tot School
I am so glad that everyone else seems as busy as me.   This weekend I have been trying to get Christmas cards completed and sent out.  Getting a family picture with a toddler is hard!  (I know you all can relate!)  Then my husband was enjoying one of his birthday presents all day Sunday...his first NFL game!  So, as you can image I didn't have much time to get on blogger.

Alright, enough of that...this is suppose to be a Tot School post!  This week we pulled out a few of my favorites activities, which of course are ones that I don't have to put to much time into to plan.  Lil'man enjoyed playing with his Melissa and Doug Primary Lacing Beads.  He rather play with the beads in the box or by sticking them on his fingers than actually using the lacing strings provided.  This is a great activity for viewing colors and eventually we may create some patterns!
My mother sent us a few wrapped books, so that we could open one a day to count down until Christmas.  Even though some of the books are still a little to long for him he loves looking at the pictures.  We also pulled out micro/mega-phone (purchased for a couple bucks at Target) to sing Christmas carols.  Currently Jingle Bells is his favorite.
We did try to pull out a few seasonal activities.  This particular activity was fun for him in the beginning, but he wasn't really interested in finishing it.  I think I will keep it out this week and see if he ever has a desire to go back to add on or even finish it.  I got the printable on this post on The Activity Mom. (She had 25 days of activities planned out, which made my life a whole lot easier this month!)
Lil'man is really into coloring lately and has been asking to color almost daily.  He has been going through a black and brown period.  He also wanted to do one of his new puzzles.  As he worked on it, I had him tell me the name of the animals and of course without asking he made sure that I knew what each animal said.
Finally, Lil'man really loved doing this Christmas activity.  I again got the printable from this post on The Activity Mom, which directly sends you to the worksheet on Making Learning Fun.  I just pulled out some of my bingo chips from my first year of teachingwhich I brought for school, but never took to school. He then just placed them in the open circles.  Once completed he took them all off and started again.  Every time he did it, he put a red chip on Santa's nose.  He is just too cute in my opinion!
Like I said at the beginning of this post we have been trying to get our Christmas photo and cards prepared to sent out.  Here is a shot of Lil'man and me that I spiced up on Picnik.  It is definitely one of my favorites.

Don't forget to come back next week to check out what we've been up to. If you would like to see what other tots did this week visit 1+1+1=1.


  1. Aww, i love your Christmas picture! It came out great!

  2. Your Christmas picture is great!
    Thanks for the link to the Activity Mom.

  3. What a fun week you had! I love the link you provided to the 25 days of Christmas activities!

  4. What a great picture! I love picnik too!!

    And how cute he is with beads on his fingers. Mine tends to throw hers so I wind up on my belly on the ground because they rolled under the couch.

    I miss carpet. LOL

  5. Hi,
    First I wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog. My youngest will be a year old in Jan. and we will be starting Tot School.
    I also wanted to let you know that I host a blog Carnival called, Kid Friendly Friday. This week my post is called, "What to do with a child under two". I gave a few links and I also wanted to share a few blogs so that the readers could see activities in action. Anyway, your blog was featured. If you want to check out my post here is the link.


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