Monday, November 9, 2009

Must See- Carolina Pad's Ghostline® (Product Review)

I was recently asked by Carolina Pad if I would review their Ghostline® display boards because it is celebrating its 13th birthday this month.  To celebrate they are holding a contest for the entire month of November, in which 13 classrooms will each win over $500 in Ghostline® products! To learn more visit their website at and make sure to pass this on to all your teacher friends because I know they would love to have a chance to win.

I had never heard of Carolina Pad's Ghostline® products before and was very excited to try it out.  You see, I am a perfectionist, so as a teacher I usually didn't have time to perfect items for my classroom.   The same is true for me now, as I try to create things to incorporate into homeschooling. It requires too much time.  I would have to pull out rulers, sketch it out in pencil first and then go over it with paint or markers.  It would need to look just right, or to be more specific, perfect in my eyes.  With Carolina Pad's Ghostline®, creating  displays is much quicker and allows for my perfectionist personality to be appeased.  How you ask?  Ghostline® products have a faint grid printed on their display boards that fades as you get further from it.  If you are as picking as me and pull out a ruler when creating displays, then this may be a good product for you.

One item that I particularly loved was their 14 x 33 GL Project Board- folds to 14 x 11 ($3.55).  I have not come across many this size and it is perfect for creating a durable Mini Office. The one I created is pictured below.  This is perfect for homeschooling or the regular classroom.
More Great Uses Include:
Student Projects, Graphing,   Yard Sell Signs,   Game Boards,   Classroom Posters,   Chore/Behavior Chart,    Keeping Track of Students Reading Level Progress,   Seating Chart or Classroom Floor Plan.

Have you use Ghostline® before? What did you think? How would you use this product?

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