Friday, October 16, 2009

Family Fun- The Farm

Due to all the craziness last month, I didn't get a chance to blog about our outing to a local farm.  We did this one Saturday morning last month, when we were studying the farm.  We had a lot of fun.  Lil'man was so excited to see all the animals, even the animal statues.  We went on a wagon ride to feed the goats, sheep and pigs.  Unfortunately, the only hungry animals at the time were the goats.  They saw the tractor that was pulling us and quickly headed for the fence.  Lil'man didn't care, he just kept pointing and wildly repeating the names of the animals, "Goat!  Baa baa!" until we confirmed his observations   After we had finished dumping our feed, squeals of excitement began.  From the center of the field you could see the pigs running in hopes of finding some grub.  They used their big round bodies to push through to the feeding trough at the fence line.  They snorted and snuffed, but to no avail...the goats had finished it off.

After hanging out in the barnyard, we caught another wagon ride that took us out to the apple fields.  I have personally never picked apples straight from the tree and neither had my husband.  We had fun though plucking Fuji apples with a pop from their branches.  Unfortunately, I think some of the apples we picked needed a little more time to ripen.  Oh, well.  The most important thing is that we enjoyed spending time together on our farm adventure.

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