Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Turkey Treat

This past week we were invited to a Thankful Party and we decided to surprise our friends with a little turkey treat.IMG_0487

Of course, I wasn’t the mastermind behind this idea.  Can you guess where I found it?  You all are so smart.  I seem to find everything on Pinterest these days.  Anyway, the original idea came from Family Fun, but I learned about it through Ducks in a Row.  It was originally designed to give to teachers.  We adapted it a bit to fit our needs. 

Instead of making just 1 cookie, we made 12! So, in the end this was more of a “mommy project” then a kiddo project.  I would have love for Lil’man to write on each of the feathers, but I didn’t think he would be able to do it for all 60 of them.  If we were just giving it to a few people I totally would have had him do the writing.  He’s own writing would have made it even more precious!

Here’s what he did to help make this terrific thankful turkey treat.


He and Daddy helped to roll out the peanut butter cookie dough.  (I cheated and bought ready-dough.)  Then while he was sleeping, my husband and I wrapped the cookies is plastic wrap and added tape to the back to make sure it stayed wrapped.  Then my husband traced the feathers for me.  Finally I cut out the feathers, wrote on them and taped them to the back of our turkeys.  (Make sure you fold the paper to cut more than one feather out at a time.)


Then my husband designed a little turkey head. When the boy woke up the next day, he finished the cookies off by taping the turkey heads on each cookie. 


I think they turned out so cute!! These would be great for anyone.  Just replace the word friend with whom ever you want to give one to – grandma, cousin, teacher, coach, etc. 

Do you make anything special to hand out for Thanksgiving?


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