Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Favorite Christmas Books


Candy Cane Stories

candy-cane5The Legend of the Candy Cane is a fabulous story for the Christmas season.  It is about how an owner of a candy store spread the message of the gospels using the candy cane.  This story is a little longer and some young kiddos may not be able to sit through it, but it is very well written and the illustrations are beautiful. I highly recommend reading it to your children.  If you have to, just skip the first few pages to jump right in to the candy cane symbolism.

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Stories Just for Fun

Curious-George16Merry Christmas Curious George is another fun tale about how curiosity gets George into a mess, but as always comes out on top.  In this book, George is shopping for a Christmas Tree with the man in the yellow hat. He ends up getting separated from him and on a truck headed to a children’s hospital. Of course, George ends up causing some trouble when he tries to decorate the tree, but in the end he gets out of it. Lil’man is a big fan of Curious George in our house because he just thinks George is so silly.  If your kiddo likes Curious George then they’ll get a kick out of this Christmas one as well.

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