Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Crazy Life- The X-Rays

The craziness in my life started the week after Easter.  Routine dentist examines discovered a mass in my husband’s jaw line.  Unable to diagnose it, the dentist had the x-rays sent to an oral surgeon.  The oral surgeon had my husband come in for a CT Scan.  Then we had to wait.  Fortunately, I was easily distracted.

With my mom in town, we went to little league games…when it wasn’t raining.

IMG_2400  IMG_2401

Tried to catch some fish.

IMG_2413  IMG_2416

Got the boy a haircut.

IMG_2481  IMG_2483

We even went out for tea.  My mom is a big fan of tea.  This place provided all the costumes and accessorizes needed to make it an official tea party.

IMG_2486  IMG_2497

Fortunately, the oral surgeon called back with good news.  The mass was benign. We had nothing to worry about…just some scar tissue.  How it got there, no clue?

More of My Crazy Life to come.

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