Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Mud Pit

With 13.6 inches plus of rain this month, you can imagine how much time we’ve spent in our garden since our last post.  (It’s actually raining as I sit here and type.)  Currently, our garden looks like a mud pit.

We’re anxious to get into the dirt and start growing.  Before the rain came, the boy was eager to help in anyway he could.

2011-04-08 17.25.45

Unfortunately, the weather just hasn’t cooperated and we haven’t be able to do too much.  We have done some planting though, although not in our garden.  You see, we received some tomato seedlings from my sister…and boy were they looking pretty sad.  I wish I would have taken a picture to show how pathetic they looked. They were all droopy and starving for a new home, but as I said…RAIN and MUD and have I mention the destructive WINDS?  It has been a crazy spring.

We finally gave into putting our tomato plants in pots.  They’re starting to perk up, but still look pretty sad.

IMG_8483[1]   IMG_8482[1]

We’re hoping that this weather starts to clear up soon, otherwise we may have to scratch a spring garden and just wait to plant a summer one. 

On another note, you’ve got to check out our Praying for Worms garden post.  The things that come from the mouths of babes!

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  1. We're waiting on the weather, here, too. Our problem is cold, not rain, though! Your tomatoes look better than some I have seen at nurseries!

  2. I hope your weather gets better soon so you don't have to scrap the spring garden!


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