Friday, April 15, 2011

Handwriting, Counting & Eggs

This week I didn’t plan anything except our daily resurrection egg’s lesson and activities.  We did however throw a couple of random activities in because the boy wanted me to print him some activities.  I’m definitely not going to stand in the boy’s way of wanting to learn, so I quickly found some non-prep activities.
Language Arts: One of the things the boy wanted to do this week was write letters and even though I didn’t think he would stick with it I went ahead and printed Confessions of a Homeschooler’s A-Z Handwriting Worksheets.  I picked out a few that I thought would be easier for him.  He was really excited and proud when he wrote a U, but this was the only sheet he ended up doing. He tried the W next and got frustrated.  I don’t really push him when it comes to hand writing for this reason and he has plenty of time before he really needs to perfect it.  At the homeschool convention that I went to I really liked some of the activities that I saw with Handwriting Without Tears and I may try some of those at some point.
IMG_8366  IMG_8365 
Math Concepts:  Another activity we did from Confessions of a Homeschooler this week was Egg Counting, which can be found with her Easter Lapbook. 
 IMG_8349  IMG_8352
Extra: Like I mentioned at the beginning we started our 12 Days of Easter plans that go along with our resurrection eggs. So, far the boy has been enjoying the lessons and additional activities.  Here’s some pictures of the extras we’ve been doing with our resurrection eggs:
For the first egg, he helped Jesus get to Jerusalem by coloring in palm branches.
IMG_8354  IMG_8356
Then with the second egg, he counted how many coins Judas received for betraying Jesus.
IMG_8362  IMG_8363
Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures from day 3.
My Favorite: To find out why this picture is my favorite this week, make sure and check out my post, Praying for Worms.

So, there you go.  Don’t forget, you can download all the 12 Days of Easter printables (not all seen here) for FREE at 2 Teaching Mommies

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  1. What a great week! We worked on our resurrection eggs also :-)

  2. Looks like a fun week of activities! I'm stopping by from Preschool Corner.

  3. That looks like you guys had a lovely week. Those are some cute pictures!

  4. We're starting the Resurrection Eggs today (several per day). Can't wait!

  5. My son loves discovering what is inside.

  6. How do they go over at your house?

  7. You ALWAYS do such wonderful activities! Thanks for sharing!



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