Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter Activities

Life has been crazy!  Last week were taken out by spring allergies.  Then I headed to a homeschool conference.  Unfortunately, I didn’t stick around as long as I originally planned due my head cold, brought on by my allergies.  What I was able to see and hear was very informative, but I’m sure glad that I still have time before I have to make any decisions on curriculum.  I figure we will be set until Kindergarten and that is a few years away.
We did do a few things this week and I’m looking forward to starting our 12 Days of Easter activities next week.
Language Arts: Even though Lil’man is getting better at tracing dotted lines, he still gets frustrated easily.  He prefers the writing practice with the solid boxes. 
IMG_8340  IMG_8339
He really enjoys the alphabet match.  A matter of fact he did this activity twice this week, using a different color marker.  I usually have him find the matches before starting to draw the line.  Otherwise, he lines are all over the place.
IMG_8332  IMG_8335
Math Concepts:  Another favorite this week was the Easter Egg roll and cover.  This day we played it together.  He would roll and cover and then I would. 
IMG_8327  IMG_8328 
Extra: The weather was beautiful this week so we got outside and played.
IMG_8311  IMG_8308
We also got to learn about taking care of a pet.  We took care of my niece’s fish, while they were out of town.  The boy loved just sitting up at the table watching them swim around.
Finally, here are some of the books that we've been reading:

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  1. I'm looking forward to your 12 days of Easter too. =o) I probably need to get printing. LOL

    I didn't realize you were planning to homeschool long term. Yay! Curriculum choices are hard because there's so much out there. I'm fortunate in that I always knew that I'd be using Sonlight as my base. But I've switched math, la, and science more times than I can count to find what was our best fit. Now we've got it down. LOL I'm grateful that I am able to switch it up to suit my daughter's needs. I wish I could've done that as a classroom teacher.


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