Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Alright…is anyone else a little overwhelmed with holidays approaching?  Maybe it’s just me.  I mean, on top of planning for Thanksgiving, I have the boy’s birthday, which we are doing early while relatives are in town.  Seriously, who’s idea was that!! Oh, ME! 

Ok.  Breathe.  First things, first.  Thanksgiving.  Me being my planner self, who gets all into decorations and set up, has been scouring the web for ideas. 

2940217579_9197084885 table-setting1thanksgiving_table3

Aren’t these table settings beautiful? I like the bottom one because it seems real simple and quick, but I feel I would still need to jazz it up a bit.  Of course, on a single budget income I’m going to have to keep it cheap. 

How do you set up your table?  And the big question of the day, table cloth, placemats or both? Help this mama out!

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