Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tot School- My Family, My Home

Lil’man is 32 months.  

This week we focused on learning all about our family and home.  If you would like to download the lesson plan or any printables that may have been created then visit 2 Teaching Mommies, where I am hosting them.

Here are just some of the things we did. You can see other activities from this unit by visiting Amber at The Belly of the Whale.

Language Arts: Lil’man match up the “Mommy” and “baby” letters using his letter tiles.Affliation Link 


We also read lots of books.

Math Concepts: For Math we used a counting mat and cards to show how many windows.  First, Lil’man would flip a card and then he would put that number of windows on the house counting mat.  (See it in action.)


We also “Rolled a Picture.”  I printed and cut a family picture into 6 puzzle pieces.  Then I numbered the pieces on the back from 1 to 6.  Lil’man rolled the dice and picked up the puzzle piece that matched the dice.  He kept rolling it, until he got all the pieces.  Then we put the puzzle together.


Social Studies Concepts: We reviewed our colors by coloring our neighborhood coloring book.  Isn’t he such a cheezer!


Extras: We had a fun family night, which was all about our family.  We built houses with our Mega BloksAffliation Link and enjoyed some family photo books.


For Fun: Here is a fun shot we capture this week.  Lil’man received a monkey costume from Costume for Halloween this year.  (My review will post tomorrow.)  Isn’t he too cute!


So, there you go, that was our week.  Don’t forget, you can download all the printables  for FREE  at 2 Teaching Mommies.

Next Week we will be focusing on The Ocean! I hope you stop by to check it out!

Most importantly, don’t miss out on what others are doing at 1+1+1=1!

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  1. Love the picture puzzle idea and he's too cute in his costume!

  2. Both math concepts ideas are great! I love that you make so many of your materials available online as well. Thanks =)

  3. Cute math mat and I love the costume.


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