Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blogger Finally Offering More Options


Have you been to  For those of you who would like to give your blog a facelift without messing with your html then you need to check it out.  It gives you a lot more options for designing your blog.  Here are just a few of the new design elements you can mess with under their Template Designer section:

  • Layout- Choose your body and footer layout! Adjust the widths of your entire blog, your side bars or both.
  • Templates- They offer new templates that you can customize.  I like Picture Window.
  • Backgrounds- A variety of background images to chose from for your template of choice.  Plus the offer suggested color themes based on the image selected.
  • Advanced- And yes, for those of you who still like to add your personal touch, you have that option as well.

So, go check it out if you want to give your blog a facelift.  Of course, that is if you plan on staying with blogger, especially after recent events.

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