Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Goal of this Housewife


I love these pictures.   I mean seriously, aren’t they just perfect.  They completely depict everything….I am NOT! 

I hate these pictures.  (Ok, hate may be a little strong, but you get my point.)  What’s with the little smirk on her face? Doesn’t she realize that she is going to be doing the same thing tomorrow.  Seriously, who smiles about having to constantly do dishes and laundry…every single day?  Surely, not this housewife. 

And yet, I am strongly convicted to change my attitude. To understand, where her joy comes from.  To plug into that same power source that energizes her and gives her the desire to complete these mundane tasks. 

I need to start pulling out those “weeds” I have in my life that prevent me from being the best possible blessing I can be to my husband, child and others.   I know that I can’t change myself, but I know God CAN.  Praying for a transformation.


  1. I have never read it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I used to get real grumpy with doing these same tasks over and over and I still am sometimes but something has switched. I read some of Eckhart Tolle's books, The New Earth and the Power of Now. Oprah had an online class with him awhile back. And his ideas are that you need to be in the moment. Stop thinking SO much. Relax, breathe and accept where you are and treasure each moment. The online thing with Oprah was really good. I know you can still access it. Just google Oprah and Eckhart and it will come up. Good Luck and when all else fails, just breathe. (I sound like Faith Hill :)

  3. I hear ya. I want to have that joy in my every day mundane tasks and I believe the Lord is getting me there. A good resource on this is The Practice of the Presence of God about Brother Lawrence. Have you read it?


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