Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Join & Collaborate

4429611374_2cd0ac3a86_o I recently became a member of we teach, a wonderful ning site.   It was designed for anyone and everyone who teaches- no matter the classroom.  Its goal is to share the tools and resources we need so that we can all learn, share, and grow as parents—and teachers—for our children

This place is full of resources and offers a variety of ways to collaborate with others teachers and parents. So, don’t waste anytime…if you haven’t check it out then go now and see for yourself.  (Just click the image above.)  If you do join or are already a member I would love to connect with you, so add me as a friend.  I look forward to sharing ideas and learning from you.


  1. I just signed up. It looks great. I'm waiting for my membership to be approved.

  2. Don't forget to look me up once you are all set. They have a we teach reading group that I know would love to hear all your suggestions! ; )


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