Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Workout Buddy

Today I am grateful for having a workout buddy.  Twice a week I meet a friend at the gym to workout for an hour.  This particular friend is in much better shape than me, which by the way she has a seven month old baby…and my son is 2!  Oh, and she is trying to run the mini…or marathon…I don’t know it is just a l_o_n_g, very l__o__n__g run!  She did 15 miles this weekend!!  Yep, she is pretty awesome. fave-exercise-800x600 Back to why I am grateful.  If it wasn’t for Amanda I probably wouldn’t drag myself to the gym.  When I started staying home one thing I wanted to do more of was exercise.  I knew if I didn’t have a partner to do it with me, I wouldn’t stick with it.  Amanda keeps me accountable and is always encouraging.  Plus, we both get a break from the kids to enjoy some girl chat.   So, I am definitely thankful to have such a wonderful workout buddy.

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