Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pilgrim & Indian Game

Recently, I developed a new activity for my son with A LOT of help from my husband. (Thanks honey! You are such a great drawer!!!) While searching the web I came across this Scarecrow Felt Board + Game on Let's Explore, in which I said to myself, "I can recreate that with a pilgrim and indian!"  

Since, I had recently created Itty Bitty Love's Felt Turkey activity, I wanted to switch it up a bit.  I decided to create our indian and pilgrim with foam and magnets, which works even better for this household because we have metal closet doors and no felt board!  However, I needed a little more inspiration to help finalize my design.  So, while browsing on DLTK's site I came across what I would use as my pilgrim boy and indian boy model.

The only thing that I haven't created yet to make this activity into a full-fledged game is the spinner. (Make sure to read the original post to see how the original game is played because my will be set up the same way with just a slight difference.) I plan to have the following sections on my spinner: hat/head piece, shirt, pants, hands, shoes and a turkey.  If they land on the turkey then they will have to remove one of their pieces that they already collected.  
I think they turned out great and if I can convince my husband (fingers crossed) we will be adding a pilgrim & indian girl to the mix.  If I am successful at getting him to help me one more time, we will have a 4 player game just in time to entertain kids on Thanksgiving day.

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