Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Night- ELMO

I have been wanting to plan a theme Family Night ever since I saw this blog. I am so excited because I finally did it. Since lil'man loves Elmo, this little monster inspired the evening's festivities.
We wanted to surprise lil'man with all the fun Elmo stuff we had planned, so we had him play in his room while we were setting up. Once we were ready I cued up Elmo's Song. The first thing he noticed was Pin the Nose on Elmo, which ended up being his favorite activity of the evening. He was pinning the nose all over the house. He, also, kept asking for us to replay the song, so he could sing and dance. For dinner we ate Elmo's favorite meal (pizza) and watched an Elmo video. We ended the evening with coloring Elmo pictures.
Our family had a lot of fun. What do you do on Family Nights?


  1. AMAZING>>> you girl are creative.. hugs natalee

  2. I agree, that was very creative and a great idea! I'll bet Lil Man had a blast! :)


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