Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Honest Opinion- Lil' Trainer Tableware

My sister-n-law recently informed me about GERBER® LIL' TRAINER TABLEWARE®. They are fantastic! My son often had difficulty getting his food onto his spoon, which would lead him to using his hands, which would lead to a mess. I don't mind him using his hands on some food items, but there are others that just aren't ideal. So, lo and behold I purchase one of these fabulous training tableware sets and my son feed himself his entire lunch, without my help or using his fingers! The only mess was on his face! I hear the suction attachment isn't that great, but I don't use that part, so I can't deny/agree.

However, here are the things that I like about it:
  • Curved rim makes it easy to get food on fork or spoon.
  • Removable rim turns training plate into "big kid" plate.
Not only is it great for me, but my son's face lights up because he is successful at feeding himself. He is growing up so fast! So, all you other SAHMs out there, if you haven't purchased one of these yet for your toddler, then I would highly reccommend it if you are looking for dinnerware that will help your child learn how to use a spoon/fork without your help or the help of their little fingers.

(By the way, I am not getting any rewards or payment for this recommendations. It is just my honest opinion.)

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  1. We use those forks and spoons. I hadn't seen the plate. We may have to try that for the Baby Guy.


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